Shopping Process

1、Register and log in to the website

1.New user registration: Click "free registration" on the top right to enter the registration page, enter the email address, user name, password and other relevant information on the page and follow the prompts to complete the registration.

2.Old user login: Please click the "Login" page on the top right to enter the login account and password to log in.

2、Add to cart

1.After picking your favorite product, you can add it to the shopping cart.

2.The default number of products is one. When you need to change the number of products, you can go to the shopping cart to increase, decrease and delete.

3、Purchase goods

1.After adding the desired product to the shopping cart, click the checkout button in the shopping cart to settle.

2.After settlement, you need to select the delivery address.

3.Choose payment method, please choose Alipay.

4.After confirming that the order information is correct, click "Confirm Order" to go to the Alipay interface for payment.

4、check order

Click "Member Account" → "History Order" at the top of the page to view the order status

1.payment successful

After the payment is successful, "approved" is displayed in the order status record "status", that is, the purchase is successful.

2.Processing of orders

When the commodity transaction is successful, "Processing" is displayed in the "status" of the order status record, which means that your order has been processed.

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